Monday, January 10, 2011

Thursday, Jan 6

Today was productive and meaningful. Our morning began with a nutritious breakfast, followed by our routine bus ride to Lenora B. Smith Elementary. As the Miami sun beat down on our backs, the eighty-seven of us assembled with our City Year staff members for our daily PT (Physical Training), followed by a group meeting where we receive information and inspiration

Today was our last day working at Lenora B. Smith, so morale was high and faces were determined. Music was energizing the atmosphere, while water was being dispensed frequently. Children walked by smiling as they saw the work that had been accomplished throughout our week here. Hammers banged, paint splashed, spirits soared.

Team Others and Texas was assigned to build potting beds using wood that had been measured and cut by previous groups. Beginning with piles of wood, hammers, and a bucket of nails, we turned these resources into beautiful additions to the garden. Working together proved efficient and fun, strengthening bonds (and muscles!) We were proud to see our finished products as the day ended on a sadder note - saying goodbye to Lenora B. Smith Elementary and our great friends at City Year. We look forward to received pictures and updates from City Year, so that we can follow the progress of the garden.

Last night, we congregated in groups to discuss the ideas of Power and Privilege. We touched upon bigger social issues as well as individual differences which lead to varying degrees of social power. Individual group members incorporated past experiences while relating these ideas to our volunteer work here in Miami.

We will be celebrating Shabbat this evening, and are looking forward to having time to reflect on all of our experiences from the day and from the last week.

Shabbat Shalom everyone!

Kate M. Torpey (NYU '12)
Alex M. Simson (Cornell '12)
Oren R. Lavie (UPenn '11)

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