Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alternative Spring Break

The past few days in Miami have been an eye-opening experience. Working at Charles Drew Middle School has really been a good experience and has taught me a lot. My favorite part of the service has been seeing the positive reactions from the children and teachers around the school and really showing their appreciation towards us when they see us working on different projects around the school. I have been very shocked by some of the behaviors of both the students and teachers in the school. I personally have never attended a school where a teacher is out in the hallway yelling at a student at least two times a day. I also thought it was bizarre how some of the students conducted themselves throughout the day. A few of the students ran through the hallways to get to class on time while the majority of the students had to be told by the school security to get to class. Overall, I have really enjoyed helping out at the school and making an impact on young kids lives.

-Brian Farbman, Towson

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