Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday- Miami

Yesterday was an amazing experience. When we got to Gould’s park we were put with a city year staff member named Jr. He brought us outside and informed us that we would be building bookshelves. With little instruction, we were on our way. Needless to say, building is not a typical hobby of mine. It felt incredible to finally finish hammering, sanding and staining the bookshelf. Looking at these pieces of wood all put together was not only an accomplishment but gave me a sense of meaning. They will be used to hold the many books that Gould’s park for various age groups. It felt so great to be able to help foster learning for younger children and help some people escape from their reality through books.After lunch and break time, where our guys beat some kids from the high school at basketball (go Jews), we were on our way to the elementary school for some after school fun. The kids wrote poems and really were able to express themselves. It was so great to see such young children being so enthusiastic about poetry. We played some charades and unfortunately, it was time to go. I wish we could spend more time with the kids. They are honestly great and seem to just be a little misunderstood.Later, we went to Lincoln road: a BEAUTIFUL area. We split up into two groups for dinner and my group went to a Mediterranean place called Pasha (that is my Pasha plug for the day) It was really great and relaxing to just get out for dinner and walk around at night. We came back by 10 and immediately went to Coconut Groves, a really nice area that all of the U Miami kids go to. There weren’t an extreme amount of people out because of Spring Break but we went to a place called The Oasis. We got the hook up because the guy that worked their was Jewish (We love to stick together!)KBye!!Jamie

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