Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Digging, Doing, Learning

Yesterday was an experience. There was a lot to do and a lot to learn. At Dunbar Elementary we had groups working on a stage that was going to be an outdoor classroom for the children, and their blacktop was being painted. One group had the task to built the stage, another group, which I was a part of, had the taks of digging the holes, another group painted the kids blacktop colors that the kids picked out themselves. From my side, I can say it was hard work! Harder than I thought. Digging into limestone isnt the best thing to do but it was worth it. I actually got to help paint some of the blaktop. All of us agreed that it was rewarding though hard and seeing the kids throughout the day wave and be curious to see what they were doing to the school was great too!

My group went to the OYC youth center. My group got to work with the elementary school kids who played dodge ball and then went to drama class. It was so rewarding seeing these kids have so much fun and to be so friendly. I had a little girl come up to me and claim me as her new friend immediately which I did not mind. They are so bright. At OYC they have 7 rules, which I cannot remember but the kids can remember. One of the staff tested them and had them recited a couple rules that were not even in the order of them. They got them perfectly! I was so happy to see a group that had a great place to go.

Lastly there was the Homeless panel. Two women were actually homeless at some point and the other women were people who now work with them on their message to spread the word. It was life changing to see what people can get into and get out of most importantly! They really opened our eyes and at least from my expereience, encouraged me to strive for my goals that I consider I should not be complaining about trying to achieve compared to what they have lived.

It was a hard working and rewarding day and I cant wait for the next one, especially with helping the kids!

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