Monday, March 8, 2010

Miami - Day 1

It was difficult to understand how Miami could be one of the poorest social settings while at the same time holding such an attractive reputation in gathering tourists, vacationers, etc.

When I was initially tranferring to the US, University of Miami was one of my first choices since I assumed it would be most like my previous mediterranean campus in the heart of downtown and across the beach. However, my initial impression of the campus setting proved to be very different. This campus setting alone was able to highlight the social and touristic discrepancy in Miami. The Hillel gathering room was very humble in setting, which was very different from what I would have expected from a Miami Jewish organization. This is already a very mind-opening down to earth experience.

Everything is going very well and smoothly so far! People seem to be adapting well to their setting and getting along really well with each other. Our supervisors are very friendly with infectiously high spirits and liveliness! I look forward to our first day of community work!

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