Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flower Children

Yesterday, we decorated flower pots and wrote poetry with the kids in the afterschool program at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary Scho0ol. Most of the kids decided to write their name and the name of their Hillel buddy on the flower pot so that it could be a souvenir reminding them of this week. The best part of going to play with the kids in the afterschool program is seeing their smiles when we get there; every time we have to leave to go back to the hotel, the kids ask if we're going to come back the next day, showing how much they enjoy hanging out with us. And as much as they like playing and talking with us, I'm pretty sure we love it even more than they do, because these kids are so full of energy and personality! I feel really lucky to be on this trip, getting to know these amazing kids, and building things which will make their school a little brighter. Here's to an awesome experience and a great next few days!

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