Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dylan's Thoughts on Impact (NY)

Being our second day here at Hostel International, our group is feeling rejuvenated from a much needed night of sleep. After our day of service yesterday, we reconvened as a group and reflected upon our experiences. This gave us each a chance to listen to the opinions of our group members, many of whom come from different phases of life than our own, and respond knowing that our own opinions were thought provoking and welcomed. There was somewhat of a feeling that our work was just “a drop in the ocean” and that although what we were doing was admirable, the end goal is not always in sight. Our work with students will not directly translate into college scholarships and better opportunities. Yet, our group pushed-backed on this; they felt that even one smile, or assistance with one page of homework, would be more important than we know to these impressionable students. This sense of pride that we all felt at the end of our group meeting, will carry over to our new and exciting work today!

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