Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday Speaker in Miami- Rabbi Feldman

Rabbi Feldman carried an amazing personal story as well a sincere message to be heeded by all. He spoke about the importance of Jewish pride, how it has been the stimulus behind overcoming centuries of personal and cultural challenges. He spoke about the importance of altruism, specifically the significance of our role here, taking time off as volunteers in Miami and how it is the very core of our beloved religion. Lastly, he concluded with a Zionist challenge: to embody the previous message yet translate it into a devotion our hearts towards caring for our brothers and sisters that dwell in our beloved homeland Israel. He humbly added that he was the direct cause of a countrywide revolution in cold-war USSR. No biggie… However, the overall message was clear: We have a moral obligation to uphold the human rights of our fellow beings. Our volunteering as well as those of others who are dedicated to various causes is a practical application of the righteous and humanity that is omnipresent in the history of our people. God bless that dude, he is a true inspiration to us all.

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