Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Beginning

You always here of LA in the movies, in the news, on TV - more or less, everywhere. So, naturally, I had some predispositions about the trip and what it was going to be like. I wasn't expecting this.
Before this trip, I had never been to California, and I think it is safe to say, that I would stay here for much much much much much longer than a week. The weather is beyond gorgeous, the locals, as well as all the students on this trip, are more than amazing, and the community work is completely and utterly rewarding.
Yesterday, we went out to the Boys and Girls club of Santa Monica and repainted the main room, cut, and stapled wood for new cubbies for the children, and began to sketch new murals for beautification. And when we actually met the kids, and got to interact with them, I realized that it was all completely worth the hard work.
Tomorrow, we will continue the efforts, and I look forward to every moment of it.

-Kenny Wallach, University of Delaware, Class of 2013

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