Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hillel Helps in LA

Yesterday was a great day here in the beautiful LA! We worked extremely hard making planter benches, painting the basketball court and repainting the skate park. In the afternoon we were able to interact with some of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club. There was a huge game of basketball going on outside, and even City Year volunteers were helping with the girls basketball team that was practicing in the gym.
After the Boys and Girls club we went straight to Hillel for an amazing speaker, that I think touched every single person that listened. I think everyone is going to go out and try and raise money and make a difference because of her. She deffinitly made an impact on our group.
The Kent State group was not ready to go to bed after all the festivites that were planned for today. We decided to take a trip to Hollywood and see the Stars, Kodak Theater, and the Chineese Theater. It was a site to see.
We are all having such a great time and can't wait for another great day!

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