Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday we finished up our work at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. When we first walked in there on Monday it was clear that the appearance of the place could be improved. We worked for three days painting the walls inside, drawing and painting murals, building cubbies and benches and painting the basketball court. It was so awesome to watch the transformation of the place unfold before our eyes throughout the time we were there. As we stood on the basketball court before our final departure form the Boys and Girls Club, I looked around and took in the beautiful atmosphere we created for these children. The murals we worked hard drawing and painting lit up the basketball court with their bright colors and inspirational words. The benches with the plants gave the area more life. These observations of our final product made it clear that all our hard work was beneficial to the Club and children that attend it everyday.

Jamie Melnick

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