Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hillel Helps in LA

I've been in Los Angeles now for 3 days of service and it's the most amazing experience! We are working at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica and helping City Year, a non-profit organization, re-build the club. As a college student you don't often see the extreme poverty many people in the USA live in and being able to help young students and be a mentor is beyond fufilling. This trip is a great balance of community service and social interaction. Yesterday we built cubbies for the Boys and Girls Club so every student that goes to their after school program has a place for their stuff. At the end of the day we all boarded the bus, got ready and went out to Santa Monica for dinner on Pico Street, a well known Jewish community in LA and to shop and experience the Santa Monica Pier. The trip so far has been a great way to meet Jewish students my age and connect on a deeper level of service and friendship.
-Ally Kruzansky, University of Connecticut

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