Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Jewish?

First and foremost, working with the Boys and Girls Club of America was great; however what really caused me to think was the guest speaker. Ms. Jackie Goldberg told us about education throughout California. To my surprise per student spending in California is only 8,000. That is close to four times less than per student spending on the East coast. All and all, these facts are important and further underscore how our education system is going down hill. Yet, what caught attention was not the statics, because I have taken many education courses. What caught my attention was the fact that Jewish people have valued education for so long. Even though it is proven through the teaching of Torah and the amount of Jewish students in post secondary education that Jewish people care deeply about education, why is that we not more active in fighting for an equal education for all. In summary, working in the Boys and Girls Club of America and hearing Jackie Goldberg speak taught me not only to appreciate the education I received, but also fight for the leaders of tomorrow to receive the same.

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