Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you Wayne Firestone

Over the past few days we have had many speakers and although they were all meaningful in their own ways, Wayne Firestone inspired me. He didn’t inspire me because he is father of three daughters (just like my father) or because he is the president of Hillel. Although it is admirable that he is such a successful man, what is more admirable is the lesson he portrayed through his words. Furthermore, he inspired me to realize that it is a mitzvah to give back, but in order to give back successfully we must understand ourselves as not only Jewish people, but as individuals. In short, he underscored an important lesson being that personal reflection is essential to not only help others, but ourselves as well. In the long run, if we establish values that reflect not only Jewish tradition but our personal beliefs as well, the world will one day become a better place. Thanks, Mr. Firestone.

– Amanda Dryer

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